What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ? Part 2

Sticking to your plan is the key to success in your weight loss journey so whilst comparing your weight loss to an object such as 2kg equals a 2 litre bottle of milk will no doubt help there are other tactics you can use to satisfy your mind and stay motivated by the actual weight loss record.
One such method is to record your numbers using British Imperial measurements. So in stead of recording your weight loss in kilos you switch to imperial weight measurement.
So 0.2 kg weight loss equals 7 ouncesĀ  or half a kilo 17.6 ounces
So in stead of saying I have only lost .2 of a kilo you can say I have lost 7 ounces . The higher number may satisfy your mental attitude and give you a better sense of achievement and satisfaction!
You need to use every possible trick or method to stay on track and even if you stray off the path get back on and continue. Remember there are no magic pills or potent s, no magic systems you buy from TV or magazine advertising Just keep on eating less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Its guaranteed and it will cost you nothing!

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