Weight Loss Plateau can Destroy Motivation

In my opinion staying motivated while losing weight is the key to success.  So when you weigh yourself and see the results of your efforts in the scales it is exciting and motivates you to carry on with your eating plan.

How often do you weigh yourself.

How often to weigh yourself is a matter of discussion. But some people do it multiple times each day. Weighing your self once a week seems to be the general opinion of what is best. Because I find that difficult to do so I weigh myself  once a day when I get up after having a pee.
There is nothing more motivating than seeing a reduction in your weight .  It is proof that your efforts are paying off so when the weight loss stops showing it is for me a big downer!
I have read from other weight loss gurus ( or they say they are ) that you can expect to plateau about 3 weeks in and in fact that’s what has happened to me .

Calorie Creep

So I have been doing some research and have come up with a different explanation. “Calorie Creep “ Because after a few weeks of using any eating plan you get familiar with the number of calories. So you are not as vigilant in measurements as you were at the beginning. an  increased in portions may happen. So maybe an extra snack or 2 could result in Calorie Creep. Its easy for 1500 calories to become 1800 or 2000
So I have had a good think about this. I am now convinced this could be the explanation. So back to weighing and measuring every thing and I will let you know what happens

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