Is Foxtel worth the Money ?

Closing my Foxtel Account.

Is Foxtel worth the money ? ask yourself. I disconnected Foxtel at home because they seem to me to be getting more greedy by the day. I tried to cancel my subscription and ended up talking to an account recovery person. He asked me why I was leaving. I told him it was too expensive. In my opinion not value for the price.I was paying $120 per month. He asked me what I thought it was worth. I replied $50 a month. His response was OK “If I give it to you for $50 a month will you stay? I of course agreed. The downside was that it was only for 6 months.
So every 6 months I had to do the same . And this went on for 18 months until last operator just said if you want to leave just leave. So I did.

Fetch as an Alternative

Then I replaced Foxtel with Fetch.  On Fetch I discovered that many of my favorite channels I had watched on Foxtel were available in a package for $6 a month. So Channels such as BBC First,Universal,National Gegraphic,13th street,UKTV, and many more. These are all available without Foxtel.

The Missing Channel

The NRL is the missing link. I am a Rabbotoh’s Supporter. I like to watch every game if possible. Unfortunately half the games involving South Sydney are televised on Free to Air and all are shown on Foxtel. Due to this I could miss half the South Sydney games.

Alternative ways to watch NRL

Telstra offer a NRL app but it has severe restrictions. Due to this viewing is only possible on a small screen such as mobile phone or Ipad.
NRL supporters are blackmailed. You need to pay Foxtel for the sports channel. This is available on regular Foxtel,FoxtelGo, and Foxtel Now.
By far the best option is to find a friend who still has Foxtel connected and also subscribes to sports channel. Then login in to FoxtelGo using your friends details and watch on your Desktop Computer.

Foxtel Now The Big Sting for NRL Supporters.

Last season 2018 I weakened and subscribed to FoxtelNow. I was able to subscribe and using my mobile phone cast on to my 55cm TV. This was all good and at end of season I cancelled the subscription. So we are almost at start of 2019 season. Time to re subscribe to FoxtelNow BUT !! and heres the STING. Foxtel will only give you access to sports via Now if you also sign up for a package of useless unwanted channels first. So you pay $25 a month for a package of channels most of which are available elsewhere free or for a fraction of the price. Add the cost of the Sports Channel and it becomes a very expensive exercise.