Prime Minister get off your arse and do something constructive!

Once again there is a massive drought in Australia. So a massive  fund raising event is underway. The Australian people are being urged to donate money. Food is being collected by support organisations such as Lions. And our farmers who are struggling to deal with the effects are committing suicide. Yet again the effects of a prolonged drought. You simply cant grow anything without water. And it has not rained for several years. We have heard it all before. Because drought is a regular event in Australia.

Prime minister get off your arse and do something

The politicians for doing nothing about it! They think infrastructure is about building roads. Their only interest seems to be elections and votes.
Prime minister its time to get off your arse and do something! The only thing our politicians are consistent at is bad mouthing each other to get elected. Its time they did something.

Criminal neglect of duty

In the past 200 plus years there has been many severe droughts in Australia.  There is even a Poem written by Dorothea Mackeller
I love a sunburnt country, 
A land of sweeping plains, 
Of ragged mountain ranges, 
Of droughts and flooding rains

How can all the politicians over the years just ignore this fact of life and do nothing about it ! It is IMO a criminal neglect of duty

Provide drought affected areas with unlimited supply of water

Its would be a huge project but the only solution to drought is. Provide drought affected areas with an unlimited supply of water. It is time to focus on water, pumps, pipes and damns. What about desalination of sea water .
A huge project like providing water in drought affected areas would soak up a lot of unemployed . Remember or check out the history of the Snowy Mountain Scheme! Prime minister get off your arse and get on with it because. One thing is certain this is not the first drought and it wont be the last.