You don’t have to be young to write a blog

Twiddling my Thumbs in Retirement .

Now that I have retired I find I am twiddling my thumbs more than I would like to.  I have decided to bite the bullet and become a blogger. However  not the faintest idea of how to go about this is an issue.  So there is a  need to do some very fast studying.

I have had this current Blog Fat-Buster which about weight loss going for a fair amount of time. So far have never received any  “non Spam” comments,  so I will need to learn how to attract traffic and subscribers

Every day in Australia I read or hear about happenings that I have a strong opinion on
So far I only voice my ideas to my wife or the next door neighbor. Maybe its time I had a bigger audience.

Facebook is not the answer !

 I have tried Facebook but the audience you get is determined by Facebook . They tightly control who sees any of your posts. You can have say for arguments sake 500 friends on Facebook but when you make a new post Facebook may only show your post to a few of your list of friends.

So I need to find a new platform and I choose WordPress but now I need to find out how this all works.
So far I have looked at about 4 so called WordPress for beginners U tube videos. Whilst I have gained some information so far I have found none of them to be as simple as they say they are.
Maybe its me being Old and decrepit and not having the ability to comprehend properly.

I think WordPress is the right. platform but I need to know how to use it properly and get some decent traffic across the site. Continuous research for a few weeks and I will find the answers and report back soon.

Can I make some money

I would love to generate a some income from ad sense or any other P

PC system. As a pensioner a little incom

e subsidy will be really good.