Back To The Future A Solution For Plastics Pollution of the Planet

Back To The Future A Solution For Plastics Pollution of the Planet

Is back to the future a solution for the ever-growing problem of plastics pollution?
We read every day about Climate Change and the efforts to arrest it by burning fewer fossil fuels; however, I have seen little evidence that these efforts are actually doing anything useful. Where is proof of these actions being valid?  Our Governments are spending billions of our dollars in the name of Climate Change while ignoring the ever-growing problem of plastics pollution. Sure Lip service is being paid by having people put plastics out in yellow bins in the name of recycling, but recently some television news programs have revealed the fact that much of this so-called recycled plastic is accumulating in warehouses all over the country.

It has also been reported that tons of recycled plastic have in fact secretly been dumped in landfill. The public is being told a lie by those who are elected to look for solutions to problems on behalf of the people.
Australia is trying to lead the world by prioritising Climate Change when, in fact, our contribution is minuscule in the world big picture.
Personally, I acknowledge that Climate Change exists, but I severely doubt that it is man-made. I don’t see any evidence that any of the measures being taken by governments are having any beneficial effect on the planets Climate.

Our world is definitely Cleaner

Our World is definitely Cleaner, though and that I see our world as becoming cleaner as time goes by . I remember how dirty things were in the 1950s. my clear recollection of the Black buildings in London, and since the reduction in the burning of coal, the buildings have been cleaned. Many aspects of Life are much cleaner than they previously were, but I still don’t see this affecting climate change.

My suggestion is that the Australian Government make a policy that will actually make a difference. Use the money to make a policy that will show results very quickly and set an example to the rest of the world.

Our earth is being choked by plastic, but it is never too late to act.

Plastic Pollution should be our number one priority. Plastic will smother the world just as it can suffocate a person. A plastic bottle can take more than 450 years to break down some plastics take more than a thousand years to break down. If we keep using plastic, we will eventually suffocate the earth. Already you can find substantial floating islands of plastic bottles moving around our oceans

The solution is staring us in the face. It does not require billions of taxpayers dollars to investigate, evaluate, procrastinate and expel vast quantities of politician hot air. It just needs action, decisive action. Short term pain for long term gain!

The Solution May be Back To the Future
The answer is staring us in the face we just need our Government to be strong enough to activate it. It is without a doubt, the solution is “Back to the Future”.

In the 1950s Milk came in glass bottles, It was delivered by a man in an electric-powered cart, he collected the empties from the day before. The bottles were washed at the depot and refilled with milk ready to be delivered the next day.

Soft drinks also came in glass bottles, and each bottle had a refund on return. Many charities undertook the collection of bottles to rais funds but also the vendors who sold the drinks also refunded on the returned bottles.

The reason we have plastic Bags

Plastic bags were invented as an alternative to paper grocery bags in the late 1970s to protect trees and prevent clear-cutting of our forests. What a joke it is just like swapping deck chairs on the Titanic. However, you can grow more trees. It may need up to 30 years for a seedling to become a tree, but surely that is better than the  1000 years it can take for a plastic bag to break down.

Our Vegetables came in brown paper bags and were delivered in a cardboard box. We had durable paper carrier bags. Life was excellent without plastics. Plastic Bags and Plastic bottles were a solution to a problem that did not exist.

It is not too late.

The Australian Government could quickly legislate a back to the future policy banning all plastic bags and plastic bottles. Sure it would cost more to purchase a bottle of milk or a bottle of soft drink, but the effect on the Australian economy would be very positive. Thousands of jobs for Milk delivery persons. Thousands of jobs for workers in glass manufacturing and glass recycling. Enormous opportunities for community groups and charities to collect and claim the refund on bottle returns.

Let us Take Action

No more accumulation of used plastic bottles in warehouses! No more dumping of plastic bottles in landfill.
Plastic bags were invented as an alternative to paper grocery bags in the late 1970s to protect trees and prevent clear-cutting of our forests.
This was a mistake and its time to reverse it. Demand the Government adopt a “Back to the Future Policy” on plastic bags and plastic bottles. Unlike the Climate Change policy, which we struggle to see any effect, the effects of the Back to The Future Policy would be very apparent very quickly