My Progress so far

I decided that I must do this on Friday 18th April 2014
I have adopted a combination of weight watchers points and counting calories. I am counting all fruit and vegetables. Whilst I have said I am using Weight Watchers its only because its an easier way to count the food intake. What I am not doing is using the amount of points they say I can have each day. I am trying to consume 1500 to 1800  calories a day
Weight Watchers suggest I can have 54 points each day but using my calculation based on my previous post “How many calories in a Weight Watchers Point ” I am only eating maximum 36 points = 1800 Calories.
I will update this post every now and again but here is today’s weigh In.
136.7 kg  down from 140kg on 18th April so I have lost 3.3 kg in 2 weeks
A great start !!  I am enthused and will keep it going

You will lose a shit load of weight

I had a visit with my GP yesterday and he confirmed what I suspected
I told him I was now on a 1500 to 1800 a day calorie eating program and he said and I quote ” Wow you will lose a shit load of weight on that ! ”

He also said don’t go below 1000 calories a day which was not really relevant as I am doing 1500 to 1800 each day but worth noting for reference. Do not go below 1000 calories a day

Why dont Diets Work ?

I can tell you this from experience diets don’t work because the word ‘diet’ means for a short period of time, or for a period of time. Diets work for a short period of time, but then once you start eating again, you start gaining weight like crazy.

In my opinion, and I know it sounds like an old cliche The only way to go is to change your eating Lifestyle !

The first problem  ( for me ) is that my mum was a good cook and I grew to love Steak and kidney Pie, Suet Dumplings and Fish and Chips and I still salivate at the thought of them.

The second problem is that I have had periods in my life of extreme physical activity and I put much of my weight gain down to continuing to eat very large portions when now having an almost sedentary life style.
I am not a person who enjoys going to the Gym but for example when I was a diving Instructor on the Great Barrier Reef I enjoyed the huge physical effort that went with the job.
So my conclusion is that I must change my eating habits, by restricting the number of calories I eat.  Eat Less but Eat well !

I Checked with my Doctor

All weight loss programs tell you to see your doctor before embarking on any weight loss scheme. This is “CYA”  ( cover your arse ) in case some illness develops which you can attribute to losing weight or changing your eating habits and sue them.
I saw my Doctor and he told me i was “OBESE” and that I should lose some weight.  He did not have any fantastic ways to do this on offer In fact his advice or suggestions came down to 3 options

  1. Lap Band Surgery
  2. Taking drugs to supress appetite
  3. Eat Less

I have chosen to eat less!

Whilst I do think checking with your Doctor is a good idea if You are significantly overweight as I am then Losing weight will have a positive  effect on your overall health.