lite n easy can make a difference

Over time many people have suggested lite n easy as a tool to help lose weight. Lite n easy can make a difference they said.
Of course as I know everything I rejected that out of hand.

Changed my Mind

I cant possibly admit that I was wrong but I have changed my mind Well recently I have had a change of heart!  This has been brought about by frustration as my weight loss seemed to have been stalled, I was stuck at 124.5 kg.  After watching my 600lb life on TV I realised that many of those people in that show were in denial about what they actually ate.  The Doctor would give them a detailed diet sheet. And at first they stuck to it and they lost weight but then they either stopped losing or gained and the reality of that is that they had started breaking away from the diet. “Just a few slices of Pizza”  or “I sort of stuck to the diet in the main” . The pattern was always the same DENIAL !

I had a good look at my food intake

So I had a good look at my food intake and sure enough Calorie Creep had Struck Again !  and I was having weight maintenance calories not weight loss calories.
It was time to try something different so I have started using Lite N Easy and wow its made a difference. After 10 days I have dropped at least 2kg and its simple to follow. I have found Lite N Easy food to be at a very acceptable standard for taste and quality and so far have not come across a meal that I would not re order.
I have revised my daily calories target back to Linda’s magic number and reset to 1500 calories per day.

Lite n Easy is Easy

Preparing  Lite N Easy is easy. A dinner meal is so simple just pop the corner of the meal tray and microwave for 8 minutes. Each meal comes with a generous serving of vegetables and is portion controlled.

Best of all each item states the exact number of calories making calorie control even easier.

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