Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ?

Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ?

I have been reading about the benefits of fasting recently. I found of particularly  interest the concept of intermittent fasting. Having everything to gain and nothing to lose (except another 30 kg) I decided to give it a try.

Its easy to work around a time schedule that suits your daily life

You can decide the times that suit you best to fast then plan around it. I have decided to fast between 4 pm  and 9 am. This suits me quite well and in conjunction with a 1500 calories a day food intake it works for me. I am finding that its not easy to fit in 1500 calories in the eating window of 0900 to 1600 each day. This imo is an extra benefit of intermittent fasting.

Eat only in your eating window

So this means eating during a 7 hours a day window and fasting for 17 hours each day.  I use Calorie King to calculate my calories and have found it best to eat as many calories as I can at 4pm. This seems to stock me up for the rest of the day and most of the fasting time is spent sleeping. This abates or disguises any hunger pangs and so far I am finding it easy to do.

Eat your target calories if you can

A typical days food while practicing intermittent fasting is yesterday for example.
Breakfast 3 high fibre weetbix with honey and milk.
Lunch 3 x 9 grain toast with 50 grams of pate and 1 whole tomato
Dinner 2 egg omelette with spinach,mushrooms,spring onions and cheese + a baked tomato.
Including a cup of coffee and a cup of tea I calculated this to be 1371 calories well below my 1500 calorie a day target.

The Benefits I have experienced so far

Since starting this intermittent fasting regime 4 days ago I have dropped 1.3 kg. I feel better and my tummy has lost that bloated feeling.
So far I dont feel “extra hungry” at any time and I am finding it much easier to stay under the 1500 calories a day target.
I have read about many other benefits from chemical reactions in the body but I wont go in to that here sufficient for me to say I feel a whole heap better for it and I hope that maintaining it will help me to lose the next 30 kg I need.
I will keep you posted on my experience with intermittent fasting.

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