If you were the council what would you spend $40 million on ?

If you were the council what would you spend $40 million on ? People are saying NO to Mid Coast Council spending $40 million on moving to the Masters Building. What should they be spending $40 million on ?


We should be demanding DE MERGE that should be the main issue. If they consolidate the whole shebang in to Masters it will be much more difficult to DE MERGE. Perhaps this explains the undue haste in trying to move to the Masters Building ? With the state election coming up soon with the possibilty of labour winning government there may be a real chance to get DE MERGE

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6 thoughts on “If you were the council what would you spend $40 million on ?”

  1. Don’t put our community in Generational Debt! $40M is the conservative cost to turn an ex Masters home hardware warehouse into office space for 350 Council admin staff…….nothing else for the community! There are many, many higher community priorities for MidCoast Council. The existing 3 Council buildings are fine if the IT/AV systems are upgraded setting our Council up for a technologically advanced future!

    So I say NO to our MidCoast Council putting us in debt to the tune of $40M PLUS just so they get new digs. The now purchased (without community consultation) $7.7M warehouse could be leased to any number of businesses, sporting groups etc to get a financial return to repay this $7.7M loan. Or we could sell the building and make a profit, if Councils spruiking that it was “cheap and a bargain” purchased for far less than its true value is correct and have no debt!

  2. $40 + million is a lot of wasted community funds to be wasted on an ex-hardware shop to convert to office space for the local councillors, the money could be better spent on or our roads, some of them appalling. Bridges & other infrastructure, sporting facilities & the like, instead of turning this big old garden shed into a palatial void. Not to mention the extra costs associated with the extra travel the council workers from 3 separate locations will have to pay to work at this complex.

  3. I strongly oppose the purchase of the Masters building as well as the proposed centralisation of Council to that building … BUT, we need to remember that none of this $40 million actually exists. It’s not sitting in a bank account waiting to be spent … it would all need to be borrowed.
    The real question should be “what would you like Council to borrow $40 million for” … keeping in mind that you need to provide some means of repaying the debt.
    My personal feeling is that we should not be considering borrowing that sort of money in the first place.

  4. A more sensible solution would be to have IT connect the 3 council offices together..As we have such a great NBN it could be just same as people being in next room. Cost maybe a couple of thousand dollars That way they do not have to spend $40 million $…

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  5. I opose borrowing any large amount of money without exhaustive consultation with the community.
    I think social housing could be considered.I also think our water holding could be improved.

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