Master Chef Judges Value ?

Have The Master Chef Judges Overestimated their value?

With the announcement this week of the resignation or firing of the three judges who have steered the show over many years the big question is, will the show survive without them?

I say definitely YES, and my reasons for doing so are apparent. In My Opinion, the stars of the show are the contestants, not the judges.

Over the years many guest judges have been brought in to the show, and any one of these could easily take over as a chief Master Chef Judge

. The existing judges have severely overestimated their worth, which in any case has diminished following the exposing of George Calombaris failure to pay his staff $7.8 million!

A new trio of judges with a fresh outlook and preferably not tarnished by cheating their team out of wages will enhance the show and attract bigger audiences.

I will be one viewer who will be looking forward to watching Master Chef in 2020. As for Matt, Gary & George Good Luck fellas, I think you might need it!

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved.

I recently installed Fetch Mighty in place of Foxtel.
I was having annoying sound issues mainly that when using my head phones I was getting sound on most channels but as soon as I switched to a Movie or to Netflix I was getting No sound

I discovered that the issue was that Movies and Netflix were defaulting to 5.1 surround sound . Changing it back to english 5.0 solved the problem but only for that show.

I searched on Dr Google and found many threads about this but none offered a solution that seemed to work so I telephoned the agent for my Blaupunkt ear headphones tr 170 He gave me the solution.

Go in to the TV Set Up and search for the sound settings
Change the setting to PCM