Cranky Opinionated Old Bastards

Some time ago someone suggested that I was an “Opinionated Old Bastard”. After much deliberation I decided that it might ( I repeat might ) be true. Having retired at 70 years of age when I sold my business. I went from 12 hours a day 7 days a week to not very much over night. This had a strange effect on me. I was the managing Director of a small business with a handful of employees. My employees all listened to me but now post retirement even my wife often ignores me.

There is lots of us around

Yes there is a lot of cranky opinionated old bastards around and I think I can explain why. People go through life with great expectations . When people, and I am talking mostly about men arrive at retirement there can be a big void. If when a person was 30 they aspired to be a big fish in a big pond and when they retire they are a minnow in a very small pond it can cause resentment. This of course often manifests itself as a cranky opinionated old bastard.

Cranky Opinionated Old Bastards on the Internet

The place to find a group of cranky opinionated old bastards is on the Internet. However many blogs / Facebook pages are now heavily moderated and the best of us have been banned ( me not included ) but if you follow a blog such as grey nomads for a few days you will see some of our group in action. Post an innocent question like “how to determine the weight of your caravan”. The result will amaze you as you will have just started a huge argument with many cranky opinionated old bastards desperate to be relevant voicing their opinions and often ranting about a subject not even relevant to the question.

Writing a Blog could be a solution

I am trying to use my pent up frustration and my cranky opinionated old bastardry in this Blog. Writing my own blog I get to dish out my opinion to all and sundry without fear of counter argument. When some one makes a comment I dont like it I simply delete it. However the down side is at 72 the brain does not work as well as it did. No matter how easy the WordPress set up is sometimes it seems to me to be in a different language. Enter me as a Carnky Opinionated Old Bastard AGAIN !

You don’t have to be young to write a blog

Twiddling my Thumbs in Retirement .

Now that I have retired I find I am twiddling my thumbs more than I would like to.  I have decided to bite the bullet and become a blogger. However  not the faintest idea of how to go about this is an issue.  So there is a  need to do some very fast studying.

I have had this current Blog Fat-Buster which about weight loss going for a fair amount of time. So far have never received any  “non Spam” comments,  so I will need to learn how to attract traffic and subscribers

Every day in Australia I read or hear about happenings that I have a strong opinion on
So far I only voice my ideas to my wife or the next door neighbor. Maybe its time I had a bigger audience.

Facebook is not the answer !

 I have tried Facebook but the audience you get is determined by Facebook . They tightly control who sees any of your posts. You can have say for arguments sake 500 friends on Facebook but when you make a new post Facebook may only show your post to a few of your list of friends.

So I need to find a new platform and I choose WordPress but now I need to find out how this all works.
So far I have looked at about 4 so called WordPress for beginners U tube videos. Whilst I have gained some information so far I have found none of them to be as simple as they say they are.
Maybe its me being Old and decrepit and not having the ability to comprehend properly.

I think WordPress is the right. platform but I need to know how to use it properly and get some decent traffic across the site. Continuous research for a few weeks and I will find the answers and report back soon.

Can I make some money

I would love to generate a some income from ad sense or any other P

PC system. As a pensioner a little incom

e subsidy will be really good.