Has Australian NRL has lost the plot with player and coach moves a season ahead of time?

Has Australian NRL has lost the plot with player and coach moves.

NRL movements a season ahead of time is becoming crazy. This is confirmed the the debacle of Anthony Seibold Coach of South Sydney and Wayne Bennett Coach of the Brisbane Broncos.

The NRL is supposed to be a business

Why would any business  allow a member of its senior management team to give 12 months notice ?  A contract to start work at an opposition company in 12 months time? No commercial enterprise would be willing to condone this. In 99.9% of cases the manager moving to the opposition business would be escorted from the building 30 seconds after announcing intention to go.

In the business of Sports

Player movements and coach movements are being negotiated 12 months ahead of time.  Players play 1 more season for their existing club before joining the opposition. This cannot possibly have a positive effect on the rest of the team.

The Fans

This also has a negative effect on fans.I believe it would deter some people from renewing memberships or in fact joining a club as a fan.

It really does affect the team performance.

A prime example is Angus Creighton. In 2018. Angus contracted 12 months ahead to move to the Roosters for 2019 season . As a result South Sydney fans suggested this was the ultimate betrayal. Fans were not kind to him on social media.
Many fans demanded an immediate punishment. It was suggested that he should be sitting on the bench for the season.
He gave a brilliant performance in 2017. But in the opinion of many he was off the boil in 2018. No one could accuse him of tanking but a lot of commentators and fans suggested his mind was elsewhere. This could be a consequence of sub consciously moving on.

NRL Please Save the Game

NRL please stop this madness, and only allow negotiations, discussions, and offers from other clubs at the end of each season and before new season starts.