Has Australian NRL has lost the plot with player and coach moves a season ahead of time?

Has Australian NRL has lost the plot with player and coach moves.

NRL movements a season ahead of time is becoming crazy. This is confirmed the the debacle of Anthony Seibold Coach of South Sydney and Wayne Bennett Coach of the Brisbane Broncos.

The NRL is supposed to be a business

Why would any business  allow a member of its senior management team to give 12 months notice ?  A contract to start work at an opposition company in 12 months time? No commercial enterprise would be willing to condone this. In 99.9% of cases the manager moving to the opposition business would be escorted from the building 30 seconds after announcing intention to go.

In the business of Sports

Player movements and coach movements are being negotiated 12 months ahead of time.  Players play 1 more season for their existing club before joining the opposition. This cannot possibly have a positive effect on the rest of the team.

The Fans

This also has a negative effect on fans.I believe it would deter some people from renewing memberships or in fact joining a club as a fan.

It really does affect the team performance.

A prime example is Angus Creighton. In 2018. Angus contracted 12 months ahead to move to the Roosters for 2019 season . As a result South Sydney fans suggested this was the ultimate betrayal. Fans were not kind to him on social media.
Many fans demanded an immediate punishment. It was suggested that he should be sitting on the bench for the season.
He gave a brilliant performance in 2017. But in the opinion of many he was off the boil in 2018. No one could accuse him of tanking but a lot of commentators and fans suggested his mind was elsewhere. This could be a consequence of sub consciously moving on.

NRL Please Save the Game

NRL please stop this madness, and only allow negotiations, discussions, and offers from other clubs at the end of each season and before new season starts.

Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ?

Is intermittent fasting the answer to weight loss ?

I have been reading about the benefits of fasting recently. I found of particularly  interest the concept of intermittent fasting. Having everything to gain and nothing to lose (except another 30 kg) I decided to give it a try.

Its easy to work around a time schedule that suits your daily life

You can decide the times that suit you best to fast then plan around it. I have decided to fast between 4 pm  and 9 am. This suits me quite well and in conjunction with a 1500 calories a day food intake it works for me. I am finding that its not easy to fit in 1500 calories in the eating window of 0900 to 1600 each day. This imo is an extra benefit of intermittent fasting.

Eat only in your eating window

So this means eating during a 7 hours a day window and fasting for 17 hours each day.  I use Calorie King to calculate my calories and have found it best to eat as many calories as I can at 4pm. This seems to stock me up for the rest of the day and most of the fasting time is spent sleeping. This abates or disguises any hunger pangs and so far I am finding it easy to do.

Eat your target calories if you can

A typical days food while practicing intermittent fasting is yesterday for example.
Breakfast 3 high fibre weetbix with honey and milk.
Lunch 3 x 9 grain toast with 50 grams of pate and 1 whole tomato
Dinner 2 egg omelette with spinach,mushrooms,spring onions and cheese + a baked tomato.
Including a cup of coffee and a cup of tea I calculated this to be 1371 calories well below my 1500 calorie a day target.

The Benefits I have experienced so far

Since starting this intermittent fasting regime 4 days ago I have dropped 1.3 kg. I feel better and my tummy has lost that bloated feeling.
So far I dont feel “extra hungry” at any time and I am finding it much easier to stay under the 1500 calories a day target.
I have read about many other benefits from chemical reactions in the body but I wont go in to that here sufficient for me to say I feel a whole heap better for it and I hope that maintaining it will help me to lose the next 30 kg I need.
I will keep you posted on my experience with intermittent fasting.

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Prime Minister get off your arse and do something constructive!

Once again there is a massive drought in Australia. So a massive  fund raising event is underway. The Australian people are being urged to donate money. Food is being collected by support organisations such as Lions. And our farmers who are struggling to deal with the effects are committing suicide. Yet again the effects of a prolonged drought. You simply cant grow anything without water. And it has not rained for several years. We have heard it all before. Because drought is a regular event in Australia.

Prime minister get off your arse and do something

The politicians for doing nothing about it! They think infrastructure is about building roads. Their only interest seems to be elections and votes.
Prime minister its time to get off your arse and do something! The only thing our politicians are consistent at is bad mouthing each other to get elected. Its time they did something.

Criminal neglect of duty

In the past 200 plus years there has been many severe droughts in Australia.  There is even a Poem written by Dorothea Mackeller
I love a sunburnt country, 
A land of sweeping plains, 
Of ragged mountain ranges, 
Of droughts and flooding rains

How can all the politicians over the years just ignore this fact of life and do nothing about it ! It is IMO a criminal neglect of duty

Provide drought affected areas with unlimited supply of water

Its would be a huge project but the only solution to drought is. Provide drought affected areas with an unlimited supply of water. It is time to focus on water, pumps, pipes and damns. What about desalination of sea water .
A huge project like providing water in drought affected areas would soak up a lot of unemployed . Remember or check out the history of the Snowy Mountain Scheme! Prime minister get off your arse and get on with it because. One thing is certain this is not the first drought and it wont be the last.

I hate feeling cheated !

I absolutely hate feeling cheated so when it happens involving a business I had accepted as a ethical one I am shocked.
The people concerned are called Lite N Easy and they are a weight loss pre prepared food supplier.
I have been using them for several months and recently saw that they offer a seniors discount of 5%. However they do not make it easy to get it.

Despite filling out a form at the beginning which included my date of birth it seems the only way you can get the discount is by telephone.
You need to call the 1300 number and tell the operator your date of birth! The operator will then apply the 5% discount to future orders.   This discount will only apply to future orders you will not get a credit for prior orders. This has left me with a sour taste in my mouth and I hate feeling cheated but I do !

Disqualified from Driving Needs to be Enforced

Disqualified Drivers Involved in Crashes

There have been many fatal accidents on our roads. And it seems that more than a few of these involve disqualified drivers.  Sometimes the news reports that a person involved was disqualified and had been in court before for driving whilst disqualified. Yesterday 6th February 2019 another incident was reported.

Police chase driver who was disqualified for 50 years

Shown on TV last night was a dramatic police car chase. The car being chased drove on wrong side of road. It went through red lights, and was exceeding speed limits by more than 50 klm.
The driver when apprehended was previously disqualified from driving for 50 years!

Its Time To Get Tough!

Why are the authorities in Australia so weak ? If a person is disqualified from driving for any reason and then drives a vehicle why should they not be given a significant prison sentence.  Get caught driving while disqualified should equal 2 Years in prison  get caught a second time 4 years in prison. Get caught a third time 10 years in prison.

You don’t have to be young to write a blog

Twiddling my Thumbs in Retirement .

Now that I have retired I find I am twiddling my thumbs more than I would like to.  I have decided to bite the bullet and become a blogger. However  not the faintest idea of how to go about this is an issue.  So there is a  need to do some very fast studying.

I have had this current Blog Fat-Buster which about weight loss going for a fair amount of time. So far have never received any  “non Spam” comments,  so I will need to learn how to attract traffic and subscribers

Every day in Australia I read or hear about happenings that I have a strong opinion on
So far I only voice my ideas to my wife or the next door neighbor. Maybe its time I had a bigger audience.

Facebook is not the answer !

 I have tried Facebook but the audience you get is determined by Facebook . They tightly control who sees any of your posts. You can have say for arguments sake 500 friends on Facebook but when you make a new post Facebook may only show your post to a few of your list of friends.

So I need to find a new platform and I choose WordPress but now I need to find out how this all works.
So far I have looked at about 4 so called WordPress for beginners U tube videos. Whilst I have gained some information so far I have found none of them to be as simple as they say they are.
Maybe its me being Old and decrepit and not having the ability to comprehend properly.

I think WordPress is the right. platform but I need to know how to use it properly and get some decent traffic across the site. Continuous research for a few weeks and I will find the answers and report back soon.

Can I make some money

I would love to generate a some income from ad sense or any other P

PC system. As a pensioner a little incom

e subsidy will be really good.

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved

Fetch TV Sound Problems Solved.

I recently installed Fetch Mighty in place of Foxtel.
I was having annoying sound issues mainly that when using my head phones I was getting sound on most channels but as soon as I switched to a Movie or to Netflix I was getting No sound

I discovered that the issue was that Movies and Netflix were defaulting to 5.1 surround sound . Changing it back to english 5.0 solved the problem but only for that show.

I searched on Dr Google and found many threads about this but none offered a solution that seemed to work so I telephoned the agent for my Blaupunkt ear headphones tr 170 He gave me the solution.

Go in to the TV Set Up and search for the sound settings
Change the setting to PCM