What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ? Part 2

Sticking to your plan is the key to success in your weight loss journey so whilst comparing your weight loss to an object such as 2kg equals a 2 litre bottle of milk will no doubt help there are other tactics you can use to satisfy your mind and stay motivated by the actual weight loss record.
One such method is to record your numbers using British Imperial measurements. So in stead of recording your weight loss in kilos you switch to imperial weight measurement.
So 0.2 kg weight loss equals 7 ounces  or half a kilo 17.6 ounces
So in stead of saying I have only lost .2 of a kilo you can say I have lost 7 ounces . The higher number may satisfy your mental attitude and give you a better sense of achievement and satisfaction!
You need to use every possible trick or method to stay on track and even if you stray off the path get back on and continue. Remember there are no magic pills or potent s, no magic systems you buy from TV or magazine advertising Just keep on eating less calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Its guaranteed and it will cost you nothing!

What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ?

What is a little Bit of Weight Loss ?

Most seriously over weight people have a fair amount of weight  to lose. In my own case when I started out I needed to lose 63 kg.  Often when we seem to work so hard at it we just lose a little bit of weight and if we do that often enough and continue on a downward trend that’s all great. But what is a little bit of weight ? Recently I said to my wife I have just lost a little this round about 2kg over 10 days. I mean when you need to lose a large amount 2 kg can seem to be a small result. BUT I suggest this for everyone suffering the same mental feeling. Get a weight substitute and see what it looks like ? A 2kg bag of flour is a fair size but I like a 2litre bottle of milk,It weighs around 2kg and when you pick it up and feel it, have a good look at it . 2kg will seem to be much much more than “just a little Bit of Weight ‘ Just feel the weight and volume of the 2kg milk and feel satisfied, A feeling of achievement will spur you on, you will continue your weight loss journey with more motivation.

Back on the road again ( The Straight and Narrow )

The only positive I can offer about my on and off again weight loss journey is that over the time I have been doing this the weight I have lost has stayed off. By that I don’t mean I have not gained a few kilos here and there but over all I have kept moving in a down wards direction.  Got some inspiration by watching the TV show My 600lb Life and seeing the excuses many of the people featured offered for not losing weight and not sticking to the program.  When I am completely honest about it the only difference is the size of the weight loss needed the excuses I have used are the same. I know that if I eat 1500- 1800  calories a day I will lose weight steadily. 1800-2200 I will maintain and anything over I will gain. I can eat quite well on 1500-1800 a day. It just needs me to evaluate which are best filling calories. For example a 28gram packet of Red Rock Deli Chips = 138 Calories but a 200gram Steamed/Boiled potato with skin on is 134 Calories. Its No contest really. I know what to do I just need to do it.
I started at 153kg and I am now down to 125kg thats a difference of 28kg which has been removed from my body. However it has taken me 3 years when it should have been no more than one year. I will try harder to stick to the plan as I still have 35kg to go