Start Again,Again,Again and then Start Again

If at first you don’t succeed try try try again
My January effort ended up being a bit of a failure but I did not put it all back on so I think that’s at least something positive to cling on to.
Starting again in April 2016 at 138 kg Its now 16th of April and I have lost another 3.5kg Now down to 134.5kg. I am working on my determination levels and I am determined to succeed this time.
I am busy designing some meals where I know the calorie count and can count on the volume being satisfying and the taste good. I am trying to stick within the 1500 -1600 calorie range. Here is an example of one of my lunch meals
Egg and Lettuce Sandwich
1 cup shredded (47g) of Vegetables, fresh: Lettuce, Cos, raw
2 cherry Tomato, ripe, raw
1 x (48g) Chicken Egg, whole, soft-boiled
(10 g of Cheese: Ricotta, Regular
2 x teaspoons Peri Peri sauce
18½ g of Kettle: Potato Chips: Chilli
84 g of Bread: Loaf, Multigrain
Meal Total 395 Calories

Butter 2 slices multi grain bread with Ricotta, add a teaspoon of hot Peri Peri sauce to each slice Add mashed boiled egg a little salt Cover with fresh lettuce
Serve with 2 cherry tomatoes and an 18.5 gram serve of Chilli Chips

395 Calories and very satisfying