Start Again,Again,Again and then Start Again

If at first you don’t succeed try try try again
My January effort ended up being a bit of a failure but I did not put it all back on so I think that’s at least something positive to cling on to.
Starting again in April 2016 at 138 kg Its now 16th of April and I have lost another 3.5kg Now down to 134.5kg. I am working on my determination levels and I am determined to succeed this time.
I am busy designing some meals where I know the calorie count and can count on the volume being satisfying and the taste good. I am trying to stick within the 1500 -1600 calorie range. Here is an example of one of my lunch meals
Egg and Lettuce Sandwich
1 cup shredded (47g) of Vegetables, fresh: Lettuce, Cos, raw
2 cherry Tomato, ripe, raw
1 x (48g) Chicken Egg, whole, soft-boiled
(10 g of Cheese: Ricotta, Regular
2 x teaspoons Peri Peri sauce
18½ g of Kettle: Potato Chips: Chilli
84 g of Bread: Loaf, Multigrain
Meal Total 395 Calories

Butter 2 slices multi grain bread with Ricotta, add a teaspoon of hot Peri Peri sauce to each slice Add mashed boiled egg a little salt Cover with fresh lettuce
Serve with 2 cherry tomatoes and an 18.5 gram serve of Chilli Chips

395 Calories and very satisfying

If at first you don’t succeed try try try again !!

Several months ago I wrote this post with the title Start Again !!

All Humans trying to give up or reduce intake of some addiction seem to fall off the wagon easily. Its not something you intend to do it just happens. Like when I was trying to give up smoking I had numerous attempts which initially I saw as failure, but on reflection if I gave up smoking for 3 weeks and then started again I had at least given my body a 3 week rest.  To be successful losing weight is supposed to be easy after you make  a life style change. Eat differently and in my case I accomplished that using new recipes and making them really tasty.
So its really confusing when I have allowed myself to change my food back to what I was eating before. In Fact the most stupid part of this is that I actually really like the lower calorie food I had been eating.
Of course eating too many calories and kidding myself I had only put a little weight back on and then wake up one day and admit to myself that the little weight gain is in fact 9 kg.
So I start again Now at least I know exactly what to do and I also know that I will be eating some really tasty food
Start Again  ABSOLUTELY !!

Here we are in January 2016 and guess what ? I started again around 2 weeks ago. Current weight loss for 2 weeks 3.1 kg
If I could understood why I keep falling off the program it would help a lot.
Its not the food !!  I am eating well lots of lovely food just less of it.
Calorie intake around 1600 a day feeling good.
So why why why do I keep falling off the program ?   I had got down to 126 kg from an all time high of 153   but I went back to 139 kg a gain of 13 kg.  I know that its lose it or sleep in a wooden box. I feel like shit at 139 kg and I felt much better at 126 kg  Why Why Why ?
I feel very determined so lets hope I can stick to it this time !!